Mattex Woven Geotextile Production Image

As it nears its 25th anniversary, the MATTEX GROUP continues to expand. The company, which has been a long-time producer of geotextiles, agrotextiles, artificial turf, and more, has announced a significant expansion of its woven geotextile production capacity at facilities in the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“The increased focus is on the woven geotextiles on lightweight slit tape (200 / 315 / 400 lbs or 20 -40 – 50 kN/m) and monofilament and custom made leno weave and monofilament fabrics,” Mattex notes.


The company reports heightened demand for woven materials through all of their product areas. This has led to new investment to support an additional capacity of 100 million m2 of materials, including woven geotextile for applications such as road and rail, hydraulic works, and urban installations.

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The company’s total production capacity now exceeds 600 million m2/year.

Additional geotextile developments are planned, based upon international market needs. The company maintains large warehouses, such as in Calhoun, Georgia (USA) to facilitate expedited response.

Mattex Woven Geotextile Warehouse Image

“The strategic production location of the Mattex operations give access to the best polymers in the market,” Mattex writes. “The manufacturing facilities are conveniently located next to the sea ports of Jeddah and Al Jubail.”

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