Menges RollerMenges Roller, a leader in manufacturing and maintaining precision industrial rollers for the nonwovens and geosynthetic industries, has extended its size capacity and technical capabilities with the purchase of a large new machine.
The new machine gives Menges Roller the ability to manufacture rollers as long as 10 meters.
Menges Roller Company purchased this large machine in response to companies in the nonwovens industry that have been expanding their material width. When material widths expand, the roller size must expand.
“We’re serving geosynthetic and nonwovens material manufacturers – and they are all moving toward wider and wider material stocks…and our rollers must follow, if we are to continue our success,” says Matthew Menges, President of Menges Roller.
Menges RollerMenges’s new machine utilizes the very latest computer interface and CNC technology to form precision groove patterns into roll-covers made from rubber, silicone, urethane and other synthetic compounds. The roller cores are made of steel. Very precise outside diameter modifications can also be made to roll-covers using this machine, including the formation of parabolic crowns & revers crowns as small as a thousandth of an inch.
Menges’s new machine is a demonstration of the company’s continued investment in technology aimed at meeting the needs of large-capacity nonwovens processors. These developments follow significant investments Menges Roller made in 2013 to enhance the capacity of its Heat Transfer Roller division.

About Menges Roller

Based in northeast Illinois, Menges Roller Company serves the steel, aluminum and allied metal markets with high-performance heat transfer & chill rolls, large process rolls, as well as rubber & elastomer-covered rollers. Menges also provides a full range of maintenance and repair services, from comprehensive roll refurbishing, to journal and core replacement, dynamic balancing, parabolic crowning, chrome finishing, and rubber covering options, which includes a multitude of groove pattern and serration options.
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