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Ace GeosyntheticsOctober 2014 – ACE Geosynthetics has published a new brochure focusing on its main products – geogrid (ACEGrid®), geotextile (ACETex®), and geotextile tube (ACETube®).
The design concept of the brochure is to make it as easy to read as possible. This brochure is to help readers to get a better picture of ACE Geosynthetics and to provide an overview of ACEGrid® (geogrid), ACETex® (geotextile), and ACETube® (geotextile tube). Readers can learn something about ACE Geosynthetics in the first two pages. Then it talks about the products separately in the sequence ACEGrid®, ACETex® PET, ACETex® PP, and ACETube®. It ends with general specification sheet of the products, and further introduces the ACE Geosynthetics EcoPark ( on the very last page.
The content of product information is arranged in a way that readers can easily follow and understand. Generally, it starts with a basic description of the product’s appearance, composition, and types of the product; followed by the applications, features, and benefits of the product. And at least a real case can be found to demonstrate the product is practically workable in solving engineering problem.
Download the brochure here.
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About ACE Geosynthetics (ACE)

ACE manufactures and supplies a wide range of quality geosynthetic products for various engineering fields. Products such as geotextiles, geogrids, and geotextile tubes are sold worldwide for geotechnical, transportation, environmental, and hydraulic applications. In addition, ACE offers comprehensive technical service to assist customers during the procurement and construction process.
ACE Geosynthetics has devoted its time and effort to quality building. Other than ISO 9001 certified quality management system, ACE has obtained various verifications and approvals for its products. ACE is recognized for its design excellence and technical skills by winning the IFAI awards repeatedly. ACE also keeps with the current industrial trend by participating in different associations. Nevertheless, ACE will keep striving for the highest customer satisfaction in business.
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