Geofabrics Journal - GCL Overlaps
Preston Kendall, John Buckley and Richard Austin write on GCL overlap performance in the latest issue of Geofabrics Journal.

September through December is a busy time of year for engineering conferences. This is true around the world. Geofabrics Australasia has capitalized on that activity for the latest issue of Geofabrics Journal, a semi-annual publication providing case studies, technical articles, testing updates, and more. The current issue, available online, provides a synopsis from various papers the company’s personnel have contributed to conferences in the closing months of 2014.
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The latest issue’s content:

  • Performance testing before specifying – a tailings dam case study
  • Installation durability of revetment geotextiles
  • Understanding the UV resistance of nonwoven geotextiles
  • Selecting the right protection geotextile
  • Understanding GCL performance under high confining pressure
  • GCL overlap performance
  • A profile of the Queensland-based Geosynthetic Centre for Excellence

The issue offers contact information for the presenters of these papers, as well as notes the events at which the papers will be delivered.
A major opportunity at which to see these presentations and discuss these topics directly with Geofabrics Australasia’s team is at the 7th International Conference on Environmental Geotechnics (7 ICEG), which will be held 10 – 14 November 2014 in Melbourne, Australia.
Read Geofabrics Journal Online
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