New Manufacturing Facility

India’s fast-developing economy and large population places extra pressure on the nation to execute large-scale infrastructure development. The resulting investment in roadways, railways, power-grid expansion, and water resources creates a strong market for geosynthetics domestically.  Bolstered by these projects, India has also become a center for geosynthetics production, both for local use and export. The new manufacturing facility for Strata Geosystems epitomizes the growing importance of the country in the global geosynthetics field.
New Manufacturing Facility


With its latest development, Strata Geosystems has fired up India’s largest production site for geogrid reinforcement materials. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility was officially opened 11 February 2019 with a ceremony.
“We are indeed a truly unique company,” said Ashok Bhawnani, Founding Director of Strata Geosystems. “As the largest reinforced soil wall builder in India, we differentiate ourselves by using re-engineered yarn to build high-performance structures for highways.”
The path to becoming India’s largest developer of reinforced soil structures started in 2004 with Strata’s first geogrid production investment in the country. In the years since, it has expanded considerably. Today, the company’s materials and engineering work can be found in more than 400 bridge ramps across the national highway network.
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Situated in Daheli, Gujarat, the new manufacturing facility occupies more than 10 acres and supports the production of very wide geogrid roles (courtesy of impressive 245” knitting machines) and high-strength uniaxial and biaxial geogrids. The new machinery has also been engineered for improved technical parameters, like enhanced stress strain values.
New Manufacturing Facility
Furthermore, the site includes a custom-built coating machine, efficient material handling capabilities, and an advanced laboratory, which will be accredited with global standards.
Strata Geosystems even utilized its own materials in the construction of the facility for load support, internal roads, waterproofing, slopes and embankments, and more, making the site both a production center and a project reference.


The scale of production at the new manufacturing facility has been designed to fully support domestic and international projects.
Representatives of Strata’s joint-venture partner (Glen Raven, Inc.) joined the Strata team for the grand opening ceremony.
New Manufacturing Facility
“This is a tremendous milestone for the entire Strata global organization,” said Harold Hill, President of Glen Raven’s Technical Textiles division.
“It’s an occasion that has been many years in the making,” said Leib Oehmig, Glen Raven CEO. “We at Glen Raven could not be more proud of our partners in India – they are topnotch professionals, and even better people. We couldn’t ask for better partners.”
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