Tenax GeosyntheticsHong Kong’s NENT Landfill features a reinforced fill slope, highlighted by a 35m-high, 340m-long embankment that bridges two hilltops. This dynamic construction has enabled the site to properly plan for future waste burial needs in an area that features one of the world’s most densely populated cities and most difficult availability for new land on which to construct.

This unique embankment design is engineered for stability on both the west and east sides as a standing embankment and for the overall stability as the waste is deposited against the west face.

The construction utilizes wrap-around layers of Tenax geogrids extending from east face to west face with CDV fill. Also of note for the site’s use of geosynthetics, the west face has been lined with a green geomembrane for aesthetic purposes prior to the placement of waste. (The east face will remain exposed permanently, per the requirement of its fire-resistant facing.)

The height of the embankment varies from 6m to 35m and the slope angle is approximately 68 degree from horizontal.

Tenax GeosyntheticsThe whole embankment takes the form of a curvature with large variation on base width from 20m to as lengthy as 56m, and at the crest it becomes 6m at its narrowest. On the east face, the formation level is about 7m below that of the west face and the overall height becomes 42m maximum.

Photographs from this site earned an IGS Photo Award from the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS).


TENAX TT 045 geogrids (260,300 m2)
TENAX TT 060 geogrids 84,600 m2)
TENAX TT 090 geogrids (52,550 m2)
TENAX LBO 202 geogrids (34,100 m2)


Consultant: Black & Veatch Hong Kong Limited
Main Contractor: Far East Landfill Technologies Ltd.
Client: Environmental Protection Department
Distributor: G AND E Company Limited

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