Typar Geosynthetics
Typar is one of the oldest geosynthetics brands. The project and research record, going back more than 40 years, is one of the most substantial performance data pools in the industry.

The new AVINTIV logo. It will not impact Typar branding.

Polymer Group International (PGI), which made a big entry into geosynthetics only a couple years ago in acquiring Fiberweb and its key TYPAR Geosynthetics and Terram brands, is changing its corporate brand. In a release, the company noted it will now be known as AVINTIV.
The new name combines “advanced,” “inventive,” and “innovative.”
“The unveiling of our new name is the culmination of our successful efforts to transform into a unified specialty materials company,” said Joel Hackney, AVINTIV’s chief executive officer in the official announcement. “Over the past 18 months we have worked hard to bring four companies together to create a powerful portfolio of technologies, products and services. The AVINTIV name embodies our progress, our scale, and our ambitions to continue driving growth and innovation.”
The TYPAR Geosynthetics line, which includes one of the oldest, continually produced geotextiles in the world (Typar), is part of AVINTIV’s High Performance Solutions portfolio, which is focused on developing materials “that deliver a performance or environmental advantage over existing and alternative technologies for infrastructure and transportation….”
The rebranding of PGI as AVINTIV applies only to the company; it does not impact geosynthetic product brands.
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The TYPAR line has over time been owned by DuPont, BBA, and Fiberweb, which was acquired by PGI (now AVINTIV) in 2013.
TYPAR geotextiles continue to be produced in Old Hickory (Nashville), Tennessee, where they originated. The site has expanded, especially in recent years, and features a state-of-the-art research center. Additional geosynthetics production sites are located elsewhere in the United States and United Kingdom, along with AVINTIV’s other global manufacturing and research centers.
Unrelated to the brand change, AVINTIV’s Terram Geosynthetics in UK announced a price increase of up to 15% in Europe. The supply chain for key raw materials in a number of geosynthetics has tightened and is under significant price pressures. The change will be effective June 22. The move will not necessarily impact any other AVINTIV businesses around the world.