Polyfelt Asia has begun manufacturing a broad range of reinforcement geosynthetics in its Malaysian plant. The investment substantially broadens the mix of products now manufactured by Polyfelt Group in Asia and is expected to significantly strengthen the company’s market position and regional competitiveness.

The investment comes at a crucial time as the current regional economic recession continues to depress the value of most Asian currencies and increases pressure on geosynthetics suppliers to continue to provide products at affordable prices. In making this investment Polyfelt expects to secure a higher share of the regional market for reinforcement products currently mainly supplied from European and US manufacturers.

Besides being a major supplier of geotextiles and geogrids Polyfelt Asia has also become a leading supplier of locally fabricated specialist products such as geobags and geotubes for marine engineering as well as GCL’s, and a variety of soil erosion products and geocells.

In a unique first for an Asian geosynthetic manufacturer, Polyfelt has also secured ISO G25 accreditation for its test laboratory facilitating accredited testing of a wide variety of geosynthetics.