Porous pavement solutions have drawn considerable interest in communities for the green engineering benefits they provide. Porous pavements can greatly reduce stormwater runoff by enabling a high infiltration or percolation rate of water into underlying soils. The permeability of these systems can also trap suspended solids, thus filtering them out of any residual runoff so water that is shed is cleaner.

To assist engineers, landscape architects, and other stakeholders in understanding and utilizing porous pavement designs, Presto Geosystems has released a spreadsheet-based Porous Pavement Design Assistant.

Download a copy of Design Assistant (Excel file via prestogeo.com)


The company has achieved significant success over the years with its well known GEOBLOCK®, GEOWEB, and GEOPAVE® materials for vegetated and aggregate-based porous pavement systems. These installations have been used for pedestrian walkways, fire and utility lanes, trail building, parking lots, roadway medians and shoulders, and other common areas of infrastructure. They meet common design requirements, such as H-20 loading (a 16,000-lb wheel load rating).

The interactive Design Assistant tool helps users properly determine pavement options for specific site conditions and, importantly, expected use. Simple input parameters are used, such as loading requirements, infill type, and subgrade strength. The tool returns recommendations for fill/base depth (includes a full cross section), and values for runoff coefficient and water volume storage (with aggregate infill).

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For aggregate infill pavements, the Design Assistant calculates the available stormwater retention depth. If a certain storage depth is required, additional base material can be added.

The company notes that it also has technical support experts readily available to discuss projects, the Porous Pavement Design Assistant tool, green engineering, and more.

Learn more about Presto Geosystems’s grass and aggregate porous pavement solutions and other areas of expertise at https://www.prestogeo.com/products/porous-pavement/.