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12-month subscription, $499/mo. (Two months FREE if paid in full upfront: $4,990 total)

This subscription offers additional exposure with digital display ads to draw more attention and more clicks toward featured articles. It also offers additional customization and flexibility with your company directory page, which enhances your SEO capabilities.
  • Greater Rotation of Digital Display Ads
    • Sizes include 300×250 (rectangle) and 160×600 (tower)
    • Includes rotation on homepage
    • Includes ad to promote featured articles
  • Native Advertising Article
    • Focused content development on product, service, or company
  • Customized Profile in Geotechnical Directory
    • Company Logo, website link, and description of company
    • Up to 8 featured products/services
    • Promotion of company-related articles
    • Video Widget (if applicable)
    • Focused content development

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