Raven IndustriesRaven Industries has been named Business of the Year during the Sioux Falls Business Journal‘s second annual “Buzzards” awards. Among its many activities, Raven manufactures geomembranes, gas barriers, agricultural films and other materials.

In the awards notes, the Journal describes Raven Industries as a “poster child for consistent, old-school management.” The paper cited the company’s lack of debt and consistent year over year and decade over decade growth.

The company has been a pillar of the Sioux Falls and South Dakota business community, steadily expanding and influencing economic growth in the city and surrounding area.

Raven added new lines in the past year to allow for the manufacture of significant new sheets and films, such as those incorporating the latest EVOH gas and vapor barrier technology.

The company was also ranked #49 on Forbes’ 2011 list of Best Small Companies–the sixth straight year for recognition by Forbes.