When CQA Week attendees gather in Austin, Texas 7 – 12 April 2019, they’ll have four high-end courses to choose from and two key certification opportunities. Two of the courses in particular are helping add containment systems expertise to the field at a time when more professionals are needed to support the demand:

  • Liner Integrity Survey / Assessment Training (April 7)
  • Slope Stability of Containment Systems (April 8 – 9)
Slope Stability of Containment Systems

Slope stability expertise, leak location services, and field CQA personnel are all in high-demand for municipal and hazardous waste landfills, coal ash surface impoundments, heap leach pads, and more. Short Course Training Weeks helps engineering businesses add/enhance these skills and develop new revenue streams.



Short Course Training Week provides CQA professionals, specifying/certifying engineers, regulators, and other stakeholders an opportunity to increase their awareness of and expertise with geosynthetics and compacted clay liner installations. All events will be held at TRI Environmental‘s global headquarters. This includes training opportunities in the performance of electrical leak location (ELL) surveys, slope stability training, CQA for different installation scenarios, a tour of geosynthetic and geotechnical testing laboratories, access to high-level instructors with a wealth of field history, and more.

The April 7 course on Liner Integrity Surveys / Assessment provides training for one of the most in-demand areas of geosynthetic-lined containment facility CQA. It is also a skill that does not have nearly enough practitioners in the field properly serve the market. It is, essentially, a ready-to-implement revenue line for engineering and CQA companies. The course is led by one of the most experienced practitioners in the field: Abigail Gilson, P.E. (TRI Liner Integrity Services). Jeffrey Blum, a Senior Project Manager for Weaver Consultants Group, will also be on hand to contribute direct knowledge of how businesses add this line to their services, as he has performed surveys for years after going through the training program at TRI. The course will focus on leak location methodologies, design parameters, equipment options, etc. Participants have the option to advance to a Level 2 ELIS certification through TRI Environmental.

Containment systems engineering and CQA

Electrical leak location of geosynthetic-lined containment systems has developed into one of the most impressive and effective services for facility owners. Leaks down to pinholes can be identified with technologies like double-dipole survey equipment with GPS and voltage mapping.

The April 8 – 9 Slope Stability for Containment Systems course is highly unique in that it provides an independent lab perspective and a consulting/facility owner’s perspective. Dr. Jeffrey Kuhn, P.E. (TRI) and Dr. Ranjiv Gupta, P.E. (Freeport-McMoRan), who originally developed this education, will lead the April 2019 session. Their class addresses a wide range of containment structures: municipal and hazardous waste landfills, coal ash surface impoundments, heap leach pads, and more. These facilities are constructed using multiple layers of geosynthetic materials such as geomembranes, geotextiles, geonets, geocomposites, and geosynthetic clay liners (GCL). The design of a containment structure not only requires an understanding of the properties of each individual geosynthetic material but also the ability to comprehend the interaction mechanism (friction) between various geosynthetic layer interfaces.


The course and certification schedule:

  • April 7: Liner Integrity Survey/Assessment (LISA) Training
    • Optional Level 2 ELIS Certification Exam is offered at the end of the day’s education
  • April 8 – 9: Slope Stability of Containment Systems
  • April 10: Construction QA/QC for Geosynthetic Installations
  • April 11: Construction QA/QC for Geosynthetic Clay Liners and Compacted Clay Liner Installation
  • April 12: GCI-ICP Certification Exams

Instructors for the CQA Week events include:

  • Sam Allen – Vice President and Division Manager, TRI
  • Jeffrey Blum – Senior Project Manager for Weaver Consultants Group
  • Abigail Gilson, M.S., P.E. – Senior Engineer for TRI/Environmental
  • Dr. Ranjiv Gupta, P.E. – Senior Engineer for Freeport-McMoRan
  • Jeffrey Kuhn, P.E. – Director of TRI Geotechnical Laboratory
  • Mark Sieracke, P.E. – Landfill Design and CQA Consultant