GSE RoaDrain Geocomposite Drainage System for Roadways

GSE RoaDrain Geocomposite Drainage System for Roadways GSE RoaDrain Geocomposite Drainage System for RoadwaysRoadway integrity can be undermined by poor drainage on the surface and in the subgrade of the road. The new GSE RoaDrain™ geocomposite drainage system has been engineered to provide high compressive strength (> 50,000 psf), a permeability greater than 10x that of drainage stone, and long-term performance under roads and at expansion joints to provide an effective capillary break that stops the upward migration of excess moisture and helps quickly and efficiently remove water from the system before roadway deterioration.
The tri-planar geonet is made of high-strength HDPE and the geocomposite drainage system utilizes a 6 oz. nonwoven needle-punched geotextile for separation, filtration, and durability. The exceptional compressive strength of the geonet has been engineered to prevent the geotextiles on opposite sides from touching, thus keeping the drainage pathways open.


“If a road is only saturated 10% of the time,” GSE writes, “its service life may be reduced by half
Three varieties of the system have been released in the United States:

  • GSE RoaDrain MD
  • GSE RoaDrain RD
  • GSE RoaDrain JD

The MD includes flow channels parallel to the length of the roll  which direct flow toward the ends of the roll. The RD series has flow channels across the width of the roll to direct flow toward the edges. The JD series is for installation only at expansion joints to control that critical entry point for water
This easy-to-install geocomposite drainage system is intended for use in roadways, parking lots, paved walkways, airports, railway facilities, embankments, and dike drainage.
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