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The Erosion Control Technology Council provides a voice for the large field of professionals who focus on engineering solutions to control soil loss and assist with vegetation establishment.  One of the effective tools ECTC has developed is a Rolled Erosion Control Products specification. The organization announced in late August that its members have revised the RECP spec.
The Rolled Erosion Control Products Specification includes charts of product characteristics for temporary erosion control blankets, mulch control nettings, open weave textiles, and  longer-term turf reinforcement mats.
Erosion Control Technology Council


The revised charts focus on the various service lives for which the various rolled erosion control products are engineered. These service lives include:

  • Ultra Short Term (< 3 months functional longevity)
  • Short Term (12 months)
  • Extended Term (24 months)
  • Long Term (36 months)

A second table focuses on turf reinforcement mats, which are used in situations where “vegetation alone will not sustain expected flow conditions and/or provide sufficient long‐term erosion protection.”

Rolled Erosion Control Products - East Coast Erosion Control
Steep slope protected by rolled erosion control products. Photo by East Coast Erosion Control

“These charts are the result of consensus amongst leading manufacturers of RECPs in the industry and [the spec] is designed to satisfy the needs of engineers, designers, and other end-users of these products,” ECTC noted in a statement.
A copy of the specification and its charts can be found at
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The Toolbox page on ECTC’s website also includes links to videos, installation guidelines, drawings, and specifications for Rolled Erosion Control Products, Hydraulic Erosion Control Products, and Sediment Retention Fiber Rolls.
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