Over the past 22 years, Environmental Specialties International, Inc. (ESI) has built itself into a top-tier installer of geosynthetic liner materials for environmental containment applications in the United States. The company notes that it has now installed more than 2.5 billion ft.2 geosynthetic materials (>55,000 acres). One of the hallmarks of its growth has been an emphasis on safety.

In late 2017, the company joined employees of the Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) Widows Creek Fossil Plant for a lunch to honor a truly extraordinary feat. ESI has worked on the site since April 2015, installing geosynthetic liners and systems for coal combustion residuals (coal ash) containment and closure. During the special gathering, TVA marked  nearly seven years of site work without a lost-time incident.

It’s a remarkable achievement and well worth recognition.

Barnard Construction Company, which has been ESI’s partner as general contractor on the TVA site, also attended the celebration.


During the gathering, ESI underscored the central message of safety through recognition of one of its own employees, Randy Story.

David Nolting, ESI’s Corporate Environmental & Safety Manager, noted that Story’s safe working practices and supervisory leadership had led to the installation of more than 35 million ft.2 of geosynthetics across 77,000 man-hours on TVA projects (since 2011) without a single lost-time incident.

Randy Story is a 30-year veteran of the field and has worked with ESI since 2000. For the Widows Creek Fossil Plant, he has managed 64,000+ man-hours—again, without a single lost-time incident.

“Safety is not a slogan at our company,” ESI noted in a statement, “[but] our company is dedicated to ensuring a safe work environment for each employee.”

ESI offers a safety page on its website.

Learn more about ESI’s geosynthetic liner installation work, safety endeavors, geosynthetics supply, and work in key sectors such as coal ash, mining, landfills, and more at https://www.esiliners.com.