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Geotextile tubes - Ace GeosyntheticsBy ACE GeosyntheticsTaichung Harbor, located at the south side of the Dajia River outfall, suffered from siltation due to drifting sand. A silt deposition area between the harbor and the outfall had been established to trap drifting sand and prevented sedimentation from interfering with the navigation channel and harbor.
However, increasing sand drift load led to saturation of the silt deposition area. This decreased its functionality.
Subsequently, sand drifted further and crossed the groin into the harbor. Silt built up within the harbor and in the navigation channel, affecting the port’s operations and impairing the safe passage of vessels.
The silt build up needed to be removed and the capacity of the silt deposition area needed to be improved in order to slow down the siltation process. The wide scope of the reclamation work, however, posed a challenge to achieving these goals within an acceptable budget.

Geotextile Tubes for Cofferdam Construction

Geotextile Tubes - Land ReclamationThe idea of dredging silt deposit for land reclamation along nearby coastline was adopted. Geotextile tubes (ACETube®) were determined to be the most cost-effective materials for constructing a cofferdam as sand-trapping barrier along the coast.
A 2,600m-long cofferdam (2 m high) was built with the geotextile tubes. Each tube had a circumference from 14 to 16 m and a length from 40 to 61 m. Fill material was excavated from the sand deposition area.
Including the sediment in the silt deposition area, the overall sand dredging scale of the project was roughly 1,000,000 m³.
This treatment not only effectively recovered the function of the sand deposition area, but expanded its capacity. Furthermore, it reclaimed nearly half a million square meters of land from the sea for future use.

Port Construction with Geotextile Tubes

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