Geofabrics Australasia has developed a web-based road design app focused on drainage performance and cost calculation. Subsurface Drainage Design Software (SuDDS) produces net cost and design comparative reports based upon user-entered project/design data. The program summarizes the notable calculations and can include CAD files of drainage profiles.

Some of the features of the program include:

  • Graphical interface
  • Large editable database of materials
  • Soil and geotextile filter checks
  • Hydraulic calculations
  • Generation of engineering reports
  • Materials reports
  • Cost reports

The SuDDS web app is being made available to the engineering community for free. Users must first register online at

While the engineering approach is largely influenced by the Austroads method of road subsurface drainage design, it remains a relevant resource for international practitioners involved in roadway drainage designs and geosynthetics.

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Geofabrics Subsurface Drainge Design SoftwareThe program enables multiple projects to be created for any user account, and within each project multiple design scenarios may be created. This gives the user ample flexibility for testing different approaches.
In the project design portion of the project, the input fields lead to regular checkpoints at which aspects of design (e.g., minimum permeability of trench refill) are evaluated. Color-coding is used to sign how each section of the design has or has not passed standard design checks.

Multiple points of the program allow users access to quick explanations and definitions of engineering concepts in the process.

Interestingly, the cost evaluation functions even take into consideration cost resources. That involves labor, cost of equipment (e.g., vibrating plate), and much more.

SuDDS reports are exported into PDF, designs can be exported to CAD, and specs for relevant products can be exported to Word files for simple reuse in project documentation.
Learn more about Geofabrics Australasia’s materials and engineering expertise, including its large portfolio of work in roadway and subsurface drainage design, at

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