Syntec Geosynthetics13 October 2009 — “Geosynthetics Evolved” is the credo of the newest manufacturer to enter the geosynthetics industry. SYNTEC, based in Baltimore, MD, is a newly formed company with many familiar faces. In a recent transaction, SYNTEC has acquired the environmental division of TENAX Corporation, the world leader in polymer extrusion technology for the past 50 years. Specifically, SYNTEC has acquired the assets related to the manufacturing of drainage nets and geocomposites and entered into a series of multiyear agreements for the distribution of geogrids used in environmental applications such as landfills and ponds. SYNTEC has also entered into an agency agreement to represent TENAX products manufactured for civil engineering applications. SYNTEC span of operations will cover the entire United States and all of its territories and protectorates, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean.

With geosynthetics as its paramount focus, SYNTEC will be positioned to direct all of its resources into continuing the successful evolution of legacy geosynthetic products such as Tendrain and Tenflow, high performance geonets and geocomposites and the promotion of TENAX geosynthetic products such as TT HDPE uni-axial reinforcement geogrids, MS and LBO integral formed stiff polypropylene bi-axial geogrids, Multimat turf reinforcement mats, and Tenweb cellular confinement systems. The new owners, managers and technical personnel of SYNTEC bring with them many years of first hand knowledge of the products, the people and the industry they will continue to serve.

In the immediate future, distributors and customers will notice little in the way of changes as they will continue to work with many of the same people and many of the familiar processes. Over time, what they can expect to notice is a company that will become better positioned to respond to their needs. "Geosynthetics evolved" is to be representative not only of the products SYNTEC provides, but the strategy by which SYNTEC will operate. SYNTEC will continue to seek ways to improve on the technology and products acquired and will continue to lead the way in informing owners, designers and regulators in the values of insisting on advanced performing geosynthetics.

SYNTEC began operations on 1 October 2009 and is expected to proceed with the transition transparently over the next couple of months as procedures and systems are brought online. SYNTEC would like to extend its gratitude for the loyalty TENAX customers have shown and look forward to working with them to ensure that same loyalty with SYNTEC.


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