TechFab India New Website

One of the most diverse geosynthetics manufacturing entities in the world, TechFab India, has launched a significantly updated design to its website. The company has also launched a video channel. The two endeavors have greatly expanded the company’s outreach and are helping showcase just how much it is involved in.

The revamped site features easier navigation, sleeker design, greatly updated product pages, tie-ins to its design software and spec tools (Techgrid Designer Pro, TFI Specmaker), and additional resources.

TechFab India New Site

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The video components on the website are immediately apparent, as a materials profile video shows in wide format as you enter the site. Additional videos on YouTube focus on riverbank works, involvement in events, applications, and a corporate profile. (Videos may be streamed directly from the company website too.)

The revitalized Case Study Library enables users to select projects by application sector, application type within each sector, and by product area (e.g., TechCell geocellular confinement systems).

The company is also beginning to share more via its news portal.

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TechFab India Manufacturing Video


TechFab India is unique in the geosynthetics arena with how many types of materials they development and manufacture. The primary materials and brands it produces have grown steadily over the last 16 years. The portfolio now includes:

  • Techgrid PP Biaxial
  • Techglass –Fiberglass Grid
  • Tech Pave
  • TFI 1000 Series – Polypropylene Woven Multifilament Geotextiles
  • TFI 3000 Series – Polyester Woven Multifilament Geotextiles
  • Techcell
  • TechFab TGC Polyester Geocomposite
  • TechGlass AIC – Glass composite
  • TechDrain PVDTechDrain – Drainage Composite
  • TechFab Metal Gabion
  • TechFab Metal Gabion Mattress
  • TechFab Metal Netting
  • TechFab Geotextile Tubes
  • TechFab Geotextile Bags
  • TechFab Geostrap
  • Tech geo
  • PP Staple Fibre


The website’s re-development is emblematic of the company’s overall growth in the global marketplace. TechFab India is a company transitioning to a larger identity in the field. Look no further than that the company is expanding its team. It seeks another design engineer and additional export sales support.

Give the new website a spin.