Presto Geosystems Business Development Manager

Presto Geosystems has served as a leader in the geosynthetics field for nearly 40 years, including being an innovator in the truest sense: the company invented geocellular confinement technology in the late 1970s. Today, the manufacturer continues its growth in geotechnical applications and is currently searching for a Technical Manager located at their corporate headquarters in Appleton, Wisconsin.

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The Technical Manager will be responsible for leading the team’s technical direction including all geosynthetic/environmental product innovations, manufacturing quality and research initiatives to advance the product offering, and sales growth and profitability for the business. The Technical Manager will:

  • Lead the business unit in all technical product, testing, specification, and research matters.
  • Conceive, plan and develop product advancements and new products for Geosystems’ core product lines, ancillary products, and new offerings.
  • Develop business case and potential market impact for new product & research ideas.
  • Author technical papers and related marketing materials upon completion of new product delivery to the market.

Ultimately, the position will lead development, from inception to market delivery of product advancements; new product development; and identify and assist with potential product line acquisitions.

Interested candidates should send inquiries to Presto Geosystems Director Bill Handlos, P.E. ( Visit Presto’s website to learn more about the company’s geotechnical engineering expertise, markets, materials development, and more.



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