Earth Day 2016 - Geosynthetics
Geosynthetic reinforcement have been shown to reduced the necessary thickness of road systems. Over the length of a road, the cost and environmental savings just on aggregate reduction are enormous. Image: Tensar.

Tensar Exapnds with New Offices in Sweden and PolandVIDEO: Performance of Geogrids in Track Ballast ApplicationsThe Road Ahead - Transportation Engineering with GeosyntheticsAs 2016 nears its close, activity in geosynthetics is picking up. Specifically, companies continue to make known the measures they’ve taken in the year to set up 2017’s success. Reinforcement and stabilization geosynthetics manufacturer Tensar is doing it through expansion. The company has confirmed the addition of new offices in Sweden and Poland.


Based in Gdansk, Tensar Polska Sp z.o.o. has been established to build upon the 20+ years of project presence the international company has already achieved in the Polish market. Much of that success was connected to the distribution work of BID Drotest Sp., which recently amended its range of activities in construction.
As a result, Tensar seized the opportunity to install a full sales and design office in Gdansk. Many of the personnel the company already worked with through Drotest—civil engineers, designers, customer service team members—have come along in the deal.
Tensar Region Director (Continental Europe) Jacek Kawalec, Michal Golos (design and back office), and Maciej Pustulka (commercial team lead) are managing the new operation’s success.
In a mid-December statement, the company noted that Tensar Polska’s warehousing and logistics services will deliver TriAx, biaxial, and uniaxial geogrids throughout the country. Applications of focus will include reinforced soil structures for slopes, walls and bridge abutments, “along with other unique products used in asphalt reinforcement, hydro- and geo-engineering. “
Tensar’s global technology team will provided additional support.
“The Polish economy has developed dramatically over the last 20 years,” said Luc Mechelaere, Tensar International Executive VP of Eastern Hemisphere, “and the country has significant potential to further upgrade its infrastructure network.… Our geogrids have proven they can provide cost-effective, timesaving and lasting solutions to widely-encountered civil engineering challenges.”
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Svenska Geotech AB, with multiple offices in Sweden, has signed on as a distribution partner for Tensar’s subgrade stabilization, pavement optimization, and soil reinforcement products and solutions.
The Uddevalla-headquartered company is part of the Nasdaq OMX Stockholm-listed company Indutrade AB, giving Svenska Geotech strength with large and small geotechnical construction firms, wholesalers, and contractors. Its deep familiarity with geotechnical products and Scandinavian infrastructure offers Tensar an even stronger position in northern Europe.
“Sweden is a key growth market for Tensar,” said Tensar Manager for Northern Europe, Per Ken Åberg. “Becoming a partner gives Svenska Geotech AB and its customers access to the expertise of our international technical team and our global support network. We are really looking forward to working together to grow both of our businesses in the coming years.”
Svenska Geotech’s CEO Mikael Lönnblom noted that Tensar’s TriAx geogrid, in particular, was “a fantastic fit with our current product portfolio.”
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