Tensar International GreenslopeBy Tensar International – For a new retail distribution warehouse in Crick, Northamptonshire, Tensar International designed and provided products for a 15m-high slope. The TensarTech® GreenSlope® Earth Retaining System installation is now the highest single lift, reinforced slope that the company has designed in the United Kingdom.
Designed to match the ground level of the site’s boundaries and act as a screen to retain the area’s scenic appearance, the green-faced slope stands three times taller than average, with a total area of 3,700m². By building to this height the Tensar design maximises the use of site-won fill, eliminating the need to remove excavated material from the construction area, reducing on-site traffic and lowering project costs.
Buckingham Group Contracting served as site contractors.
Carrying out the works, subcontractor Crosskeys Structures installed the GreenSlope® system, which consists of a stable, reinforced soil mass made up of site-won fill supported by horizontal layers of Tensar’s uniaxial geogrids.  The slope also features durable steel mesh facing units, linked at the face to the geogrids using high efficiency Tensar bodkins.
Tom Jefferis, Product & Technology Manager – Structural Systems at Tensar, said: “It’s an honour to have been appointed to such a large-scale project. Having worked with us in the past, Buckingham Group Contracting knew that the design we produced would be suitable for this project.
“By using site-won fill, it is possible to keep project costs down, removing the need to deliver granular material to site while also eliminating the cost of removing materials that will be excavated when earth works are carried out. By choosing this approach, Buckingham Group also minimised traffic on local roads”
For more information on Tensar’s retaining wall and slope systems, including TensarTech GreenSlope®, visit http://www.tensar.co.uk/Applications/Tag/Earth-Retaining-Walls-and-Slopes.


  1. I’m curious to learn more details! Specifically the reinforcement spacing and soil properties. Congrats to all that worked on this beautiful structure.

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