Infographic from TenCate on Dutch Delta WorksTenCate has grown steadily to become one of the world’s largest geosynthetics companies. While the company’s products are well known, its origin in the industry is seldom noted—but it was certainly an extraordinary beginning and underscores the vital role geosynthetics have come to play in improving modern infrastructures.

In 1953, disastrous flooding struck the Netherlands, and the extensive damage led to the development of geotextiles by TenCate. Engineers sought a more permanent protection strategy from North Sea flooding. The result: the Oostershelde Flood Barrier, a massive dam supported by 66 concrete pillars, each of which is roughly 40 meters high.

The construction was made possible by an innovative geotextile solution from TenCate.

To mark this 60-year anniversary for the Dutch Delta Works flood control solution, an infographic detailing the company’s involvement in the project has been published.

Infographic courtesy of Bea Stanford