Typar Geotextiles from Fiberweb Geosynthetics

Typar Geotextiles from Fiberweb Geosynthetics
27 March 2013 – TYPAR Geosynthetics, one of the world’s largest and leading suppliers of high-performance geotextiles, is proud to announce the latest addition to 40 years of innovation in TYPAR geotextiles: TYPAR C-Class Construction Fabrics. Engineered for use in AASHTO M-288 applications and to provide exceptional strength, uniformity, and durability characteristics, TYPAR C-Class provides the ideal solution for stabilization, separation, drainage, and erosion control projects.
Not only have TYPAR C-Class Construction Fabrics been value engineered for AASHTO-related applications, TYPAR is one of the only manufacturers to have undergone the AASHTO-NTPEP manufacturing audit and received certification.
“TYPAR is one of the original manufacturers of geotextiles,” says Keith Misukanis, Sales Director, Americas. “We’re in our fifth decade of production at our plant in Tennessee, so we have a long history of product innovation, manufacturing quality control, and project experience to draw from. The C-Class series and AASHTO certification continue that history of expertise and market leadership.”
The long-term performance and exceptional strength and durability of TYPAR nonwoven geotextiles are rooted in TYPAR’s unique construction. The continuous filament, heat-bonded manufacturing process produces a nonwoven that possesses uniform strength in the material’s longitudinal and transverse directions. The pre-stressed fibers mean TYPAR reaches its performance strength sooner than thicker or equal weight needlepunched products.
With TYPAR’s thinner profile but higher strength and greater tear resistance properties, users get more per roll (up to 45% more product per shipment) and better nonwoven performance. Project economics are improved and installations excel.
For more information about TYPAR C-Class Construction Fabrics, visit www.typargeosynthetics.com or contact Patty Deuhs, patty.deuhs@fiberweb.com, 612-384-8657.