High-Strength Uniaxial Geogrid from NAUE - Secugrid HSHigh-Strength Uniaxial Geogrid from NAUE - Secugrid HSThe Secugrid® line of geogrids have developed a strong reputation around the world with both biaxial and uniaxial geogrid constructions (Secugrid® Q and R), as well as a composite reinforcement solution with a geotextile embedded within the geogrid bars (Combigrid®). NAUE has also supported the line not just with collateral that backs the brand but with regular publications about geogrid reinforcement, such as how tensile strength is mobilized in various applications.
The company has expanded the Secugrid® offerings again with Secugrid® HS, an even higher-strength uniaxial geogrid.


The company notes that the new material “exhibits the primary strength in the machine direction with the ability to mobilize high tensile forces at low strains. The reinforcing bars are made of high tenacity polyester (PET) filaments with a co-extruded polyethylene (PE) protective coating. Where soil structures are to be constructed over soft foundations, Secugrid® HS high-strength geogrids allow installation of fill layers without exceeding the low bearing capacity of the foundation soil.”
It is available immediately from NAUE and NAUE Asia, as well as from various distributors.
Applications of note for the Secugrid® HS line include mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls, segmental retaining walls (SRW), veneer reinforcement , basal reinforced embankments, load transfer platforms over piles, bridging of mining voids and sinkholes, construction over soft soil, and other applications requiring very high uniaxial strength.
The enhanced uniaxial geogrid strength can enable larger embankments, quicker consolidation, increased pile spacing, lower construction costs, an economical alternative to rigid raft foundations, and more.
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