In a new video from Geosynthetica’s YouTube channel, HUESKER describes how asphalt pavement interlayers (e.g., HaTelit®) improve the long-term performance of new roads. The high-strength, flexible, temperature-resistant composite geogrids allow for a significant extension of life-cycle pavement performance.
“[This geosynthetic is] specifically designed to mitigate reflective cracking in new hot mix asphalt overlay applications,” says Mike Samueloff in the video. Samueloff is a product manager for the HaTelit® product line.
The video goes on to note how the company’s grids are manufactured with an ultra-lightweight nonwoven for easier installation and are available in a variety of widths to optimize individual project economics. The interlayer utilizes a unique coating with more than 60% bitumen content for efficient installation, a strong bond, and enhanced resistance to installation damage, including on milled surfaces.
“The coating also allows for ultimate bond strength between the old pavement and the new asphalt overlay,” says Samueloff.


Samueloff will lead a free, < 30 minute webinar on the use of asphalt pavement interlayers on June 28.
During the session, Samueloff will discuss the engineering basis for pavement interlayers, with examples drawing upon HUESKER’s HaTelit® project portfolio. The product increases the time between pavement restoration and maintenance intervals. Because of the benefit of less pavement cracking distresses, the user’s annualized maintenance costs can be drastically reduced.
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VIDEO: Asphalt Pavement Interlayers