Beginning with an interview from the Potola Landfill in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, a new video from Watershed Geosynthetics focuses on the innovative ClosureTurf™ barrier system. The system utilizes geomembrane (from Agru America) and synthetic turf to create a natural-looking cover. As shown in the video and through testimonials from across the country, landfills and local agencies are seeing strong results in erosion control, leachate management, stormwater cleanliness, and odor suppression.
The Potola case study is unique in that the operator selected a browner turf covering to blend into the environment.
Interviews from California, Louisiana, and Florida highlight the different landfill operation situations in which the geosynthetic cover solution has been used.
The five-minute video above includes some nice fly-overs of installations, time-elapsed footage, and close ups of how the work is performed.
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