In its latest animation, TenCate Geosynthetics profiles how road building with geosynthetics can extend service lives up to 10x. The 1 minute, 37 second video shows design with TenCate Mirafi® RSi materials versus designs without geosynthetics over a simulated 50-year period.

The video uses animation to show weather and traffic patterns cycles and how different roadway systems—with geosynthetics, without—respond over time. The characteristics of the RSi series products are highlighted (e.g., durability, confinement performance, filtration).
“Build smoother, longer-lasting road with lower fuel usage and insurance costs for motorists,” notes the voiceover. “Build the best: Specify Mirafi®.”
The RSi video series is not limited to standard highway construction. The company has also produced videos targeted to specific industries. For example, this video on RSi materials in the oil and gas field has provided savings of USD $76,000 per pad at some installations.


Tencate Mirafi RSi Series for Road BuildingThe RSi series will ring familiar to Geosynthetica’s readers. In June, one of the most-read stories on the site was a 6-year performance update from northern Alasaka. There, a woven geosynthetic (Tencate Mirafi® H2Ri) was installed on the Dalton Highway. The road building work was part of a research project being conducted by the University of Alaska-Fairbanks. The heavily instrumented test section, which sought to reduce frost heave and boils, was installed on a stretch of highway called Beaver Slide.
The hope was that the utilization of Mirafi® H2Ri could remove water from the difficult section of roadway. If it could, it would eliminate the water’s ability to form ice lenses. The formation of those lenses was the main cause of frost heave.
The Beaver Slide section has been monitored by sensors to track moisture content in the section. The area has also been visually monitored to track roadway damage.
In the 6 years since the installation, the test section has been a tremendous success.
Read more about that project here
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