TenCate’s Water and Environment Website Uses Client-Led Redesign TenCate’s Water and Environment Website Uses Client-Led RedesignBy Elizabeth Peggs – TenCate Geosynthetics has been working to up their digital media presence and strategy, and the effort is yielding great results. The company has just launched a revised water and environment website zone. The redesigned segment of their primary www.geotube.com portal is dedicated to geotextile tube technology and solutions.
Christopher Timpson, who serves as a Technical Services Manager – Americas for the company, notes that the new site has been heavily led by client input. In fact, Tencate surveyed more than 200 clients across multiple regions about what they would like to see improved or added to the water and environment website information.
Respondents included engineering consultants, contractors, government agencies, and technology partners. The solid body of feedback on client goals and needs helped crystallize some ideas for the company.
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A couple things became very clear:

  • The three regions of focus had different needs/expectations.
  • Information needed to be organized closer to the first level of navigation and grouped to replicate the user’s approach to finding what they needed.

The TenCate team took all of this into account and produced a beautiful, functional, more intuitive website. Navigation is split into Applications and Solutions.  These groupings serve different “logic paths,” based on client needs. In the first level of organization, site visitors can quickly access technical information, case studies, videos, and more.
Timpson notes that this is just the beginning of TenCate’s effort to move their digital communications forward. Included in their plans for 2017 are an increased multi-media presence, social media communications, and more.
The company welcomes your feedback as it continues to develop and evolve its digital resources. Contact Jennifer McKay at J.McKay@Tencate.com.
Visit www.geotube.com and surf TenCate’s water and environment website.