Maccaferri Water Storage Basin in Mexico

An intense dry season across the state of Aguascalientes, Mexico, led to a water shortage in the community of El Muerto and San Juan. Without sufficient rainfall, the danger was that the future supply from the reservoirs would be incrementally reduced. To be prepared for these eventualities, a storage basin was proposed to collect water, storing it for future use when required.
The contractor, San Marcos S.A. de C.V. approached Maccaferri Mexico to propose a solution for the waterproofing of this storage basin.
Maccaferri Water Storage Basin in Mexico


Maccaferri was able to provide its expert knowledge based on a waterproofing layer using a MacLine® SDH geomembrane and a geotextile, MacTex® N 50.2. The MacLine® prorduct is is a tried and tested high-density polyethylene geomembrane manufactured with a smooth surface on either face.
The membranes were delivered to site in convenient rolls and the geomembrane panels were subsequently welded together in position; each weld and connection was tested to ensure water-tightness and a quality-controlled installation.
At the top of the sloped banks surrounding the reservoir, the membrane was anchored within a trench. This secured the membrane and prevented panels from slipping down the slopes.
In order to protect the MacLine® SDH geomembrane from puncture by potential irregularities in the foundation soil, it was installed upon a MacTex® protection geotextile. The highly durable nonwoven geotextile was manufactured with virgin high tenacity polypropylene fibers and formed a protective pad between the membrane and foundation soil beneath.
The efficiency of product delivery, simple handling of the rolled goods, and clean installation practices helped save time and labor costs in the construction of the water storage basin.
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