On August 31 at 1:00 pm EDT, Solmax will host a free webinar on a much welcomed topic: “Designing for success: a look at 10 design missteps that may affect the performance of geomembrane liners in service.”
In announcing the webinar, Solmax notes:

Performance may be thought of as a comparison between expected behavior and actual behavior. A high-performing containment facility is one in which components of the facility achieve what they are designed to achieve – which is to contain. In this webinar, we will explore ten design missteps that could result in poor geomembrane performance and how to avoid these missteps to achieve successful designs.

Managing Geomembrane Wrinkles: A Manufacturer’s Approach
This webinar is the fourth in a series of high-quality webinars from Solmax. Previous sessions have included “Enhancing Quality Assurance in Containment with Conductive Geomembranes,” “Geomembrane Resins & Additives,” and “Blown Film vs Flat Die Geomembranes.”


Geomembranes are engineered to provide exceptional containment, but the success of these installations depends on numerous factors, including:

  • Proper design
  • Selecting the appropriate geomembrane type and thickness for the site/application
  • Proper installation and CQA

Much is written about the latter two factors, and those publications and conference presentations have done a lot to continually elevate the reputation and quality of the geosynthetics field. BUT, as any manufacturer and installer will tell you, design of a facility has a major impact on the service life of the geomembrane. A forensic engineer will certainly confirm this (and Geosynthetica has published numerous articles from the forensic engineering perspective).
Promo Image for Solmax Webinar on 10 Design Missteps with Geomembranes
In design, you can improve the efficiency and enhance the safety of a facility, often without increasing any cost. Smart design provides a number of benefits and savings.
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