GeoTalk 2023 - Ryan Kamp

The latest episode of Geosynthetica’s GeoTalk Podcast finds Tamara Tuttle (Atlas International Consulting) interviewing Ryan Kamp, President of Chesapeake Containment Systems, one of the largest geosynthetic installation companies in North America (and, in fact, the world).

Ryan’s story is an exemplary one from the “dirty boots” side of the field: installation. He began at the bottom, doing the most menial labor. Literally, he began at the bottom of a containment cell under construction, just picking up rocks to ensure a smooth subgrade. He built a story of tremendous personal and professional growth from that ground upward. It’s a story characterized by hard work, trust in your teams, and paying it back. It’s a story worth hearing.

In addition to career trajectories, Ryan Kamp and Tamara Tuttle discuss one of the most important, ongoing issues in environmental engineering: the management and safe storage of coal ash. Where are we today?

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