Online Learning Opportunities in Geosynthetics

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What follows is a partial list of geosynthetics online learning opportunities. This list is not complete. We welcome your recommendations and will update the list regularly. GEOSYNTHETICS ONLINE LEARNING CALENDAR The listings below are alphabetical by entity. As social media is the primary way to get the fastest information on when offerings are announced, links are to social channels (primarily LinkedIn) where...

An Artificial Island Ringed with Geosynthetics

Habitat creation and artificial islands
It’s long been said that investing in land is smart because “they aren’t making more of it.” In general, this is true. Mitigation strategies create more habitat, but not more land—except in the case of an artificial island. The project noted below was originally published on Geosynthetica in 2013, but its relevance remains. More of these islands are in planning,...

GeoCreatives – Abigail Gilson and Carl Charpentier

Carl Charpentier
Engineering work generally requires long hours in the field, in the lab, or simply chained to a computer inputting data, translating data, and assembling reports. To some, the concentration required for this type of work might suggest that it is not conducive to creative endeavors, that it is something of the opposite. That's far from correct. The complexity of...

INTERVIEW: Kent von Maubeuge on Multi-Component GCLs

GCLs Continue to Influence Barrier Designs
While geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) are composite materials by design, the newer wave of multi-component GCLs are enhancing the performance of GCLs in a range of applications in a way that represents a significant jump for an already refined engineered materials area. The use of special polymeric coatings on a GCL is providing longer services lives for these materials,...

TRI Offers Online Geosynthetics CQA Courses in June

Geosynthetics CQA
One of the longest running and most respected geosynthetics CQA courses is getting a digital refresh, with so many practitioners limited in their ability to travel right now. TRI Environmental's renowned classes on QA/QC in geosynthetic installations and with compacted clay liners and geosynthetic clay liners will be offered for the first time in an online format June 1...

Nathalie Touze’s Full Giroud Lecture

The International Geosynthetics Society Vice President, Dr. Nathalie Touze, delivered an inspiring Giroud Lecture at the 11th International Conference on Geosynthetics (September 2018, Seoul). The lecture’s topic was “Healing the World: A Geosynthetics Solution,” and since that event Dr. Touze has delivered the lecture in different forums around the world. Now, the IGS has released a video of the full...

Webinar Explains New Covered Geomembranes ELL Standard

IGS North America ELL Seminar Series Continues with Dipole Webinar
Electrical leak locations provide invaluable insight into the integrity of a geosynthetic lining system. All geomembrane-lined containment facilities should be tested for leaks before going into service. Early detection of leaks allows for swift and effective repair pre-service, which protects the engineer, contractor, owner and in many cases the environment. Even covered geomembranes can be surveyed, including after a...

ISGPEG Honoring Erol Güler Moved to 2021

The International Conference on Innovative Solutions for Geotechnical Problems was originally scheduled for June 2020 in Istanbul; but, in light of the global coronavirus outbreak, organizers have announced moving the conference to 2021. The new dates for ISGPEG 2021 have not yet been communicated to the general engineering community. Instead, the organizing committee has indicated that authors who had...

IGS Releases Geosynthetics Ebook on Earth Day

The International Geosynthetics Society has released a new ebook for Earth Day! The short publication, Preparing the Ground for a Brighter Future, is based upon IGS Vice President Dr Nathalie Touze’s Giroud Lecture. In Dr. Touze’s lecture (Healing The World: A Geosynthetics Solution), she highlights the UN Sustainable Development Goals, climate change, and philosophy while emphasizing what we can do...

Life Cycle Assessment of Geosynthetic Reinforced Bridge Abutment Designs

Originally published as "Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Two Design Alternatives for a Geosynthetic Reinforced Bridge Abutment" in the GeoAmericas 2016 proceedings, Dr. Melissa Beauregard, Dr. Arunprakash Karunanithi, and Dr. Caroline M. Clevenger's research provides an accessible, well written account of life cycle assessment with two major design alternatives. Specifically, they look at geosynthetic mechanically stabilized earth (GMSE) and...