10th International Conference on GeosyntheticsThe International Conferences on Geosynthetics are of particular importance. Every four years these conferences provide a remarkable forum for geosynthetic knowledge. The 10th ICG (www.10icg-berlin.com), taking place at the ESTREL CONVENTION CENTRE in Berlin, 21 – 25 September 2014, will set new standards. Being held in collaboration with the 33rd German Soil Mechanics Conference (Baugrundtagung = BT) of the German Geotechnical Society (DGGT), this iteration of the ICG will bring together experts not only from geosynthetics sectors but also from multiple geotechnical and civil engineering fields from all over the world in a way no previous ICG has before.
The German Soil Mechanics Conference (Baugrundtagung = BT) is the most important biennial expert geotechnical conference in Germany that expects more than 1200 participants.
Great synergy is expected between these events. All attendees of ICG or BT will enjoy the combined exhibition hall. Those who wish to visit the technical sessions of the 10ICG as well as the lectures of the BT will be able to benefit from an attractively reduced rate for dual participation (combined tickets). Parallel to these two outstanding conferences the InnoTrans 2014, the world’s largest railway infrastructure exhibition, will take place in Berlin from 23rd to 26th September 2014. Public Transport and Tunnel Construction are main topics and could be of interest for our geotechnical and geosynthetics specialists so attendees of the ICG and the BT will have the opportunity to enrich their stay in Berlin!
The official language of 10 ICG is English. The lectures of the BT and the BT’s Young Geotechnical Engineering Session will be simultaneously translated into English.


Richard Bathurst, Giroud Lecture
Dr. Richard Bathurst will deliver the prestigious Giroud Lecture at 10 ICG in Berlin.

10 ICG is being organized by the German Chapter of the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) under the auspices of the IGS. The organizers have succeeded in attracting speakers on a professional international level so the conference program will present multiple ways of interaction between geosynthetics, geotechnical and civil engineering. The 10ICG is proud to announce the following special
lectures and keynotes:
Giroud Lecture

  • Richard Bathurst (Canada)

Welcome Lecture

  • “History and Actual State of Geosynthetic Applications in Germany” – Georg Heerten (Germany)


    Georg Heerten
    Dr. Georg Heerten, Chairman of DGGT, will bring more than 30 years of geosynthetics experience to the conference Welcome Lecutre.

  • “Natural Desasters Mitigation by using construction methods with geosynthetics (Landslides, Flooding, Earthquake)” – Dennes Bergado (Thailand), Michael Heibaum (Germany), and Fumio Tatsuoka (Japan)


  • “Environmental benefits by using construction methods with geosynthetics” – Holger Wallbaum (Switzerland)


  • “Costs savings by using construction methods with geosynthetics” – Barry Christopher (USA)

The formal technical program will be released soon, as final papers will be submitted to the scientific and technical committee in February 2014. Approximately 500 abstracts were submitted, and the final oral presentation program will contain no more than 300 presentations.
As of 9 January 2014, more than 90% of the exhibition space has already been sold.
For further information: www.10icg-berlin.com