The International Geosynthetics Society Technical Committee on Reinforcement (TC-R) will welcome civil and geotechnical engineering professionals from around the world to the 1st GeoReinforcement Workshop 4 – 5 June 2018 in Munich, Germany. This unique gathering combines high-level presentations from leading practitioners in the field with significant audience discussion time, enabling participants to share project experience, exchange technical concerns and solutions, and network with colleagues who influence diverse applications such as MSE walls, steep slopes, veneer stability, embankments, bridge abutments, and more.
The two-day GeoReinforcement Workshop, chaired by Gerhard  Bräu ( is co-located with the 1st GeoBarrier Workshop, which follows on 6 – 7 June 2018.  Each workshop has a separate registration, but both registrations may be made at the workshop week’s online reg page. Event details and speakers/topics are below.
1st GeoReinforcement Workshop - IGS - Munich


GeoReinforcement Workshop Cost: 180€
Hotel Cost: 114€ per night (includes breakfast) when reserved by March 4. Reservations for the IGS allotment can only be made by Phone: +49 (0) 89 51 41 90, or by Email: Mention room block code “IGS” when booking.
Workshop Location: Munich Workstyle (400m from Munich’s central train station)
Hotel Room Block: Best Western Atrium Hotel (directly next to Munich Workstyle)


June 4, Morning Session
Facings of Walls and Steep Slopes
Chair: Ian Fraser (United Kingdom),

  • Richard Bathurst (RMC-Queen’s University) – Reinforcement loads and facing connection capacity in reinforced soil walls: Measured vs Predicted
  • Lars Vollmert (BBG Bauberatung Geokunststoffe) – Stress conditions and connection requirements of reinforced soil block walls including the German EBGEO perspective
  • Mike Dobie (Tensar International) – Incorporation of connection strength in design of reinforced soil block walls including seismic considerations
  • Presenter TBA – Flexible reinforced soil structure facings and associated design considerations
  • Yassine Bennani Braouli (Terre Armee) – Facing and connection considerations for concrete panel wall systems
  • Coffee Break
  • Audience presentations and discussion
  • Lunch

June 4, Afternoon Session
Use of Recycled and Amended Marginal Backfills in MSE and Reinforced Embankments/Slopes
Chair: John Sankey (USA),

  • John Sankey (Terre Armee) – Overview of Reinforced Structure Design, Applications and Uses with Recycled and Amended Backfill
  • (Yuli) ChaidoDoulala Rigby (Tensar) – Use of Polymeric Geogrids in Structures with Non-Standard Reinforced Fills
    Robert Lozano (The Reinforced Earth Company) – Treated Marginal Soils in MSE Structures
  • Oliver Detert (Huesker) – Construction and Long Term Experiences with Marginal Fill in GRS Walls
  • Castorina Silva Viera (University of Porto) – Use of Mixed Construction & Demolition Recycled Materials in Geosynthetic Reinforced Structures
  • Coffee Break
  • Audience presentations and discussion

1st GeoReinforcement Workshop - IGS - Munich
June 5, Morning Session
Design of Load-carrying MSE Bridge Abutments
Chair: Jorge Zornberg (USA),

  • Jorge G. Zornberg (The University of Texas at Austin) – Growing worldwide emphasis on load-carrying MSE bridge abutments
  • Speaker TBA – Design of load-carrying geosynthetic reinforced soil abutments following US guidelines
  • Dimiter Alexiew (Consultant Geosynthetics & Geotechnics) – Design of load-carrying MSE abutments following some of the European codes
  • Andre Ferreira da Silva (Huesker) – Experience on load-carrying MSE abutments in South America
  • Masayuki Koda (Railway Technical Research Institute) and Antoine Duttine (Integrated Geotechnology Institute) – Design of load-carrying MSE abutments following Japanese guidelines
  • Nicolas Freitag (Terre Armee) – MSE bridge abutments: Only one part of a bridge system – examples with steel and geosynthetic reinforcement
  • Coffee Break
  • Audience presentations and discussion
  • Lunch

June 5, Afternoon Session
Reinforced Veneer Stability
Chair: Pietro Rimoldi (Italy),

  • George Koerner (Geosynthetic Institute) – General approach to veneer stability, testing and monitoring
  • Jorge G. Zornberg (The University of Texas at Austin) – Selection of design alternatives for water and seismic actions on reinforced veneer stability
  • Jay McKelvey (Earth Engineering Inc.) – Effects of equipment on veneer stability
  • Pietro Rimoldi (Consultant) – Semi-probabilistic approach to veneer stability according to EuroCodes
  • Felix Jacobs (IGB IngenieurgesellschaftmbH) – EBGEO approach to veneer stability
  • Coffee Break
  • Audience presentations and discussion



    • We do not know of any IGS plans at this point to release recordings of the workshops afterwards.

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