5th China Solid Waste Management Summit28 FEBRUARY 2014 – The 5th China Solid Waste Management Summit 2014 (www.solidwastesummit.com) is scheduled to be convened on 11 – 12 June 2014 in Shanghai, China, aiming at leading the country’s solid waste management industry to prosperity by equipping various stakeholders across the value chain with global leading market vision, innovativeness and operations management.
As China’s premier solid waste management gathering, in the past 4 years, this event has gathered over 600 senior executives from waste management operators, energy-from-waste operators, environmental engineering companies, pollution control solution providers, environmental monitoring firms, environmental & sanitary machinery suppliers, power-gen system integrators, water & sludge treatment companies, venture capitalists, consultants, etc., as well as policy-setters across 20+ countries and regions.
At a crucial stage of economic restructuring for the world’s 2nd largest economy, the conference this year will focus on the changing policy environment in China and the latest international market intelligence, offer you a deep insight into the future development of China’s solid waste management industry, and again convene engineers, technologists, designers, investors, advisors, analysts as well as project owners, developers and contractors from across the world. On the top of that, technological innovation and value chain coordination will also be spotlighted. It is a highly praised platform for top professionals to get updated and inspired and to network.

Key Takeaways for the China Solid Waste Management Summit

  • 5th China Solid Waste Management Summit ProfilePolicy Comprehension: Understand key policies and the latest regulations, and get a deep insight into their impacts on the development of waste management industry to keep you on the best track to capture markets both in China and globally in the long-term
  • Business Optimization & Upgrade: Recognize new lucrative investment destinations and fathom out the mysteries of markets overseas, find out how tycoons operate companies, navigate businesses and collaborate with others to seize international golden opportunities and distinguish your company in global competition
  • Project Planning & Development: Get a broad perspective on strategies for waste management worldwide, identify the best solutions to various challenges under a range of circumstances, and learn expertise on project design and management from ongoing projects to ensure your business is born to thrive
  • Project Economics & Finance: Understand market environment of a diversity of waste management sectors, detect their trends, and find out how to get access to funds to ensure your project is a financial success
  • Technology Appraisal: Gain a comparative insight into waste management technologies, discover new innovative techniques and hear case studies to select the most viable, commercial and cost competitive one for your business strategy

Why Participate in the 5th China Solid Waste Management Summit 2014

  • Stay Updated & Plan for the Future: The regulatory and legislative landscape is constantly shifting in this industry. So are the business environments across the value chain. Use this as an opportunity to keep up to date and gain an insight into future markets.
  • Learn & Question: Learn from standouts of success in company operation, project development, fund raising, investment targeting, technology commercialization, etc. and question the experts.
  • Meet & Do Business: Network with regulatory stakeholders, industry leaders, technology developers, potential partners and clients to influence future policy and condense months of business meetings into two focused days.
  • Be Competitive & Drive Brand Visibility: Whether you need finance, market intelligence, or opportunity to create partnerships, this event is the single best opportunity to differentiate your business from competitors and win your company international recognition.

China Solid Waste Management Summit 2014 will be richly rewarding for top professionals to attend. Look forward to meeting you in Shanghai.

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