Raven Industries boasts a strong track record of manufacturing innovations and especially in regard to multi-layer barrier materials for geotechnical applications. The company has announced another advance in 7-layer extrusion. The Engineered Films Division has completed the installation and qualification of a new 7-layer extrusion line.

The line is based in Raven’s state-of-the-art facility in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Raven’s New 7-Layer Extrusion Line Enhances VOC Barriers


This is the fifth 7-layer extrusion line Raven has pioneered continuing its commitment to ongoing innovation. The company notes that it partnered with numerous industry equipment experts over a 14-month period to design and install the line.

“The line was specifically designed to produce complex barrier structures for secure liquid containment and for the prevention of intrusive odors, gases and hazardous volatile organic compounds,” the company notes.

Raven has long targeted VOC-barrier applications. The effort has not only made the company a true leader in this sector, it has helped spur significant discussion and investment throughout the field in affiliated engineering.

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The new multi-layer barrier line produces blown film and sheeting up to 28 feet in circumference, with a thickness range of 4 – 80 mil and with optional surface texturing. It houses an impressive 66-inch diameter, 7-layer die that was engineered to provide maximum versatility, utilizing individual extruders for production of barrier structures.

“With expanded gauge definition, the new line produces both light and heavy gauge, wide-width film and sheeting,” the company writes. “[The] enhanced auto-wind capabilities allow for optimal output of folded sheeting up to 14 feet wide and single-wound sheeting up to 23 feet wide.”

The extraordinary versatility of the 7-layer extrusion line enables the company to service an extremely wide range of geotechnical, architectural, and industrial packaging applications in which vapor, gas, and VOCs barrier control is of critical importance.

“Our new multi-layer line will directly increase available capacity for barrier film, tubing, and sheeting while utilizing the latest equipment advancements for strategic growth in complex barrier designs,” said Anthony Schmidt, Vice President and General Manager of Raven Engineered Films.


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