Atarfil to Manufacture Geosynthetics in the US Atarfil to Manufacture Geosynthetics in the USIn summer 2016, geomembrane manufacturer Atarfil established an office in the United States as the first step in its investment in North America. The company established a home in Suffolk, Virginia (near Chesapeak and Norfolk) and is on track to initiate full operations in spring 2017.
Logistical advantages played a large part in the decision to base the new North American manufacturing venture in Virginia, says Ms. Jurado, Atarfil’s Sales Manager for the US market.
Founded in Spain in 1995, Atarfil has become one of the biggest producers of calendered and flat die geomembranes in the world. Major production centers are based in Spain, the Middle East, and now the United States. To ensure quality consistency in its brands and support efficient logistics, production machinery (what is also mostly designed and produced by the company), quality standards, and manufacturing and quality control methodologies are the same from site to site.
“Minimum standards are good only for a basic common reference,” Jurado says. “They otherwise should not be implemented. We cannot only meet specifications; we must provide products with the highest level of security that the state-of-the-art allows at the moment.”
Supporting this endeavor are offices throughout the world. The company is present in more than 40 countries and also has major offices in Turkey, India, South Africa, and Mexico.
Safe containment solutions, high performance, and competiveness are the company’s hallmarks, Jurado notes. These convictions made the US a good match for the new production site, as the company could increase its activity in a market that supports safer environmental practices and higher quality barriers while providing access to a strong labor force for achieving Atarfil’s quality control and production efficiency goals.
“Our production facilities in the US will be able to manufacture our traditional, highly recognized HDPE and LLDPE geomembranes,” Jurado says, “as well as innovative solutions, such as a self-healing, weldable geomembrane called ACTION.”
The company summarizes its mission for its globally consistent quality in the motto, “One world, one need, a single product. This is Atarfil.”
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