Brian BaillieBrian Baillie, a 15-year design veteran in the geosynthetics field, has joined Raven Industries’ Engineered Films Division (EFD) as its new lead design engineer. In a welcome announcement online, Raven notes:

He has designed and consulted on a multitude of projects within North America and Europe with specific focus in unique and innovative system approaches. Brian currently serves as a member of ASCE; participating on the Geosynthetics Technical Committee, is a member of ASTM, and chairs the Geogrid Committee for GMA.

Brian will be leading the development and implementation of our engineering focused approach to the marketplace. Raven Industries is well known for innovative-engineered solutions, and we continue to focus on pioneering advancements within the technical film and sheeting segments. Brian will play an integral part of our initiative to drive these targeted solutions into the marketplace through increased product performance, education, and direct customer value.

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