Envirogrid Geocells
Geo Products has received the CE Mark for its Envirogrid products. Envirogrid is manufactured in Houston, Texas and distributed globally.

9 September 2013Geo Products LLC is proud to announce that we have received our certificate for CE Marking of our EnviroGrid® geocells. EnviroGrid® cellular confinement products are utilized for soil stabilization. Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the honeycomb grid is filled with various materials to perform erosion control, earth retention, and load support.
CE Marking is a mandatory legal conformity requirement for all products sold within the European Union that fall within the scope of a CE marking directive. Geo Products’ Declaration of Performance for each EnviroGrid® product and our Certificate of Conformity are available upon request.
For more information about Geo Products and the range of EnviroGrid® products available around the world, visit www.geoproducts.org.
Geo Products LLC is based in Houston, Texas with convenient access to the Port of Houston. The company’s EnviroGrid® geocellular confinement systems are ISO 9001:2008 certified by NSF, with all our products undergoing stringent testing on-site at our manufacturing facility. All EnviroGrid® products are manufactured with 100% virgin HDPE resins and carry a 10-Year material warranty. Visit www.geoproducts.org for information on our global distribution network, qualified products list (QPL) information for US state departments of transportation, and additional certification and product information.
Envirogrid Geocells