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Leachate testing - CETCO GCLsBy CETCO – Wastes are evolving. Has your liner system? Send us your waste or leachate samples, we’ll suggest the optimum geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) for your site.
While sodium bentonite has served as an effective hydraulic barrier in many containment applications for many years, standard bentonite-based GCLs have their known limitations.
CETCO now offers a line of enhanced chemical compatibility GCLs for calcium-rich, high ionic strength, or extreme pH solutions.  These solutions can often be found in several markets including:

  • Coal combustion byproduct
  • Mine waste & ore
  • Incinerator ash

CETCO is offering testing free of charge to help select the optimum GCL for your site specific leachate and design constraints.  Testing performed in accordance with ASTM D6141, ASTM D6766 at our GAI accredited lab.
Contact your local sales representative to make arrangements.  Visit lining.cetco.com to learn how to contact your local sales manager.
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