Chris Eichelberger - Agru AmericaFor the past seven years, Chris Eichelberger has served as a business development director and vice president of one the biggest geosynthetics installation and environmental companies in the United States. As of March 2, however, Eichelberger has taken on a new role: as Vice President of Technical Marketing for Agru America, Inc.
Agru is one of the largest manufacturers of geomembranes, with a substantial portfolio of projects in landfill base sealing and capping, environmental remediation, mining, and tunnel lining. The company also has well-known concrete protection liners (CPLs), a GCL product line, and geocomposites and geonets.
Recently, Agru has been in the news with the use of its geomembranes in the innovative ClosureTurf® system.
The breadth of Agru’s work is well-suited to Eichelberger’s expertise. He’s worked with Agru materials for many years on job sites, so brings to the manufacturer a deep understanding of the work “on the ground” and in communication with contractors and facility owners.
Agru AmericaHis geosynthetics experience has brought him to some of the most significant recent liner installations, such as the massive, “zero-leak” design at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station in Arizona; the four-mile-long emergency levee protection installation for the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in Mississippi; and various exposed, solar-energy-enhanced geomembrane covers at landfills.
Geosynthetica’s editor, Chris Kelsey, co-authored a paper on exposed geomembranes for the Geosynthetics 2013 with Eichelberger.
He can be reached at his new email:
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