Geosynthetica’s Manufacturing & Innovation Series continues with AGRU CleanSeam™, a simple concept but a unique solution to further improve geomembrane installation quality.


Certain geomembrane types must be seamed entirely in the field. It’s also not uncommon that even very large, prefabricated geomembrane arrangements require field seaming. When panel welding takes place outside of the controlled environment of a factory, you must contend with nature. That complicates the installer’s work with keeping the weld path clean.

AGRU has unveiled a solution: CleanSeam.

It’s an intriguing idea. In the manufacturing process, AGRU has enabled the integration of a protective release film on the weld edges of its geomembranes.

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“CleanSeam eliminates or greatly reduces the potential for fine soils, waste materials, and stockpile dust from coming into contact with seaming areas during or prior to geosynthetic installation,” the company writes.


Geosynthetic installers, welding equipment makers, and CQA professionals continuously improve their processes to minimize risk and enhance the quality of installations. The CleanSeam advance delivers an installation process improvement from the manufacturing side, one that is provided upfront on the rolls delivered to and stored on site.

It’s a welcomed innovation. The negative impacts of dust and debris on geomembrane seams are well understood. When fine particles buildup in the geomembrane seaming areas during on-site storage or during deployment, it is necessary to clean the area of contaminants prior to welding. It is especially difficult to reduce contamination in applications that include higher concentrations of fine particles, such as coal ash residuals for fine subgrade soils.

CleanSeam mitigates that risk with particle buildup by protecting the geomembrane weld edges from exposure to field conditions until the moment just before welding. The protective strip is removed directly before seaming occurs, without leaving residue.

“This new product option for AGRU lining systems supports our effort to provide higher efficiencies in the field,” says Chris Eichelberger, Vice President of Technical Marketing at AGRU. “When used by IAGI-certified welding technicians and in conjunction with electrical leak location testing, CleanSeam can help ensure that geosynthetic containment or closure systems perform to their maximum potential.”

The company notes that the protective edge is available for all of its geomembrane liners, including AGRU Smooth & MicroSpike®, Super Gripnet®, MicroDrain®, and AGRU Drain Liner®.

“CleanSeam is the most cost-effective and risk-reducing product option for geomembrane liners, and we’re proud that it is helping installation crews spend less time cleaning and more time welding,” says Eichelberger. “Efficiency improves everything.”

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