Solmax Unveils Conductive Geomembrane Training Program Solmax Unveils Conductive Geomembrane Training ProgramA new training program from international barrier system manufacturer Solmax aims to increase user understanding of conductive geomembrane. The three-day training will be held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada at Solmax’s headquarters.
Conductive geomembrane are greatly improving the ability of geosynthetics installers, facility owners, and regulators to prove the integrity of the construction works. Conductive technologies allow large areas of lining systems to be surveyed efficiently for holes, including down to pinhole punctures. These geosynthetics help enhance quality control and confidence for landfill caps and closure systems, pond liners, industrial processing pits, secondary containment, exposed and temporary covers, mining, and much more.
Solmax’s electrically conductive geomembrane incorporate electrically reactive carbon black and the high-quality HDPE or LLDPE resins. The materials are manufactured to meet and exceed the international GRI-GM standards and can be spark-tested on the membrane’s entire installed surface.


The conductive geomembrane training course will address theory and technical concepts, with focus given to welding conductive geomembrane panels and spark testing per ASTM D7240.
Solmax notes that “It is required that at least one of the employees attending is a field worker in order for your company to gain the most from the training program.”
Customers purchasing the conductive geomembrane receive two complementary registrations to the training and two night of lodging on the South Shore of Montreal,  which is conveniently located to Solmax’s headquarters and downtown Montreal. Meals during training hours and transportation to and from Solmax are provided too.
(NOTE: Airfare is not included.)
The program is included with the purchase of 15 rolls or more of conductive geomembrane from Solmax. Additional personnel may attend the event for a fee.
The company strongly recommends that attending personnel include a field worker who is also supervising the installation team from the installation company, the person in charge of the QA/QC on site, or a third-party QA/QC company representative.
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