In November, Solmax provided the third of its high-level webinars on geomembranes with a session on “Enhancing Quality Assurance with Conductive Geomembranes.” The presentation is now available for free via the company’s YouTube channel, as are the previous two webinars. Those other sessions dealt with Blown Film vs. Flat Die Geomembranes and Geomembrane Resin and Additive Packages.


Presented by Solmax’s technical manager Doyin Adesokan, B.Eng Msc, the conductive geomembrane webinar explored the causes of and types of leaks in geomembranes, the methods for detecting leaks, allowable leaks, and the responsibility of project stakeholders from cradle to grave (e.g., manufacture to deployment and service in ensuring that leaks are prevented or otherwise detected and corrected appropriately).
The topic of leaks and utilization of conductive geomembranes as part of enhanced CQA is a strong one for Solmax. The international manufacturer’s line of conductive prime finish geomembranes are now supported by a conductive geomembranes training program. With the webinar, it now shares the leak-free containment strategy with an even wider audience.

Solmax Adds Adesokan as Technical Manager - enhanced CQA with conductive geomembranes
Doyin Adesokan led the session on enhanced CQA with conductive geomembranes.

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