The spread of COVID-19 around the world is directly impacting geosynthetic containment projects. A number of project delays are being reported, either related to available personnel/materials or to temporary stoppage orders on certain construction activities. CQA Solutions, one of the most active containment CQA companies in the United States, has been monitoring these project delays and is offering strategies for what can be done today to deal with the enormous amount of work that will greet the field when activities are fully cleared to proceed again. There are real challenges in so many projects getting stacked up.

CQA Solutions will open a free, non-commercial, one-hour webinar on March 27 at 1:00 pm EDT.

“As an industry, proper planning can help keep everyone moving forward while minimizing the risk of future delays,” CQA Solutions’ Glen Toepfer writers. “It is likely that as we come out of the pandemic, everything will break loose at once with everyone demanding their projects be completed ASAP. If this happens, it is sure to strain all the resources available to the industry—something that could compromise the timeline and quality of your projects.”

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Toepfer and CQA Solutions have set up a discussion to emphasize practical steps containment installation stakeholders can take to minimize the impact of the growing ledger of project delays. These are strategies that can benefit waste management particularly, but also key sectors such as energy, mining, industrial processing, and more.

In Toepfer’s promotion of the free webinar, he cites the harsh reality of the pressures the geosynthetic field faces here:

  • Construction projects are facing unknown project delays
  • Contractors are facing potentially crippling loss of revenue
  • Site Owners need these jobs done
  • When projects resume, they are likely going to be facing tight timelines, potential material and labor shortages, weather delays, and many other factors that can increase cost and time to completion

The roadmap planned for the webinar will focus on what can be done today to anticipate tomorrow’s challenges in:

  • Material management
  • Cut-and-paste specifications
  • Weather protocols

“There’s plenty of additional content to be discussed,” Toepfer writes. “Take advantage of any current delays and put them to work for you, shoring up potential pitfalls now so they don’t derail your project later. This is an unprecedented time that is certainly difficult for everyone; let’s find a way to work together to minimize the impact for all of us.”


Date: March 27
Time: 1:00 pm EDT
Cost: Free

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Meeting ID: 721 447 646

See CQA Solutions’ post on Glen Toepfer’s Uncontained blog for full access information. No registration required.