CQA Solutions - Geosynthetics Installation CQACQA Solutions - Geosynthetics Installation CQA ExpertiseGeosynthtics Installation CQA - Glen Toepfer, John BeemanBig announcements keep coming for CQA Solutions. The company has added veteran John Beeman as its Head of Business Development. This announcement follows last month’s release of a new, multi-tiered certification program for geosynthetics installation and construction quality assurance personnel.
Beeman brings to his new post more than 25 years of experience in the geosynthetics field. He most recently served as a Division Manager of Operations for American Environmental Group, Ltd.
“John is a natural fit for our team,” CQA’s Glen Toepfer says. “We focus on the construction and field installation aspects of the industry and John is the leading technical advisor to the industry on installation of all major materials.”
“The transition is very exciting,” Beeman says. “I am moving out of the day-to-day installation operations and now I can focus on helping organizations grow and develop their geosynthetic projects and practices.”
Bringing Beeman in from installation work to a CQA-oriented company is unique, but offers an enormous number of opportunities. Installers and CQA techs are at times at odds, with one side often looking to adjust how the other side is working. Toepfer and Beeman have certainly had these exchanges on sites.
“We laugh at the many heated battles we engaged in ‘back in the day,'” Toepfer says. “And we are smart enough to realize that those battles really formed us into the professionals we have become.  As we have grown with the industry, we both have a passion to help our industry succeed.  We know what it takes to get these projects done right the in the field the first time.”
CQA Solutions and Beeman’s previous company were both key pieces of the “zero-leaks” installation at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station in Arizona. That project is now in its 7th leak-free year.
John can be reached at +1 330 957 2204, john@cqasolutions.co.


John Beeman will join Glen Toepfer in the “Key Factors to Obtaining High-Quality Geomembrane Welds” short course on April 10 at GeoAmericas 2016 (April 10 – 13, Miami). It’s one of 13 full and half-day short courses offered at the event, which is the 3rd Pan-American Conference on Geosynthetics. More than 40 countries are represented in the current registrations.
The focus of CQA Solutions’ course will be on thermal welding techniques, including the ever-dreaded extrusion welding, and what it takes to deliver quality welds.
“Welding,” the team writes, “is only the tip of the iceberg – the ability to achieve quality welds starts long before the crew ever hits the field – from design, material, equipment, and vendor selection.”
Participants will learn how owners, designers, and project managers can increase the ability to achieve quality welds prior to and during installation.
This is an interactive, multi-media course with significant time for Q&A with these field veterans.
NOTE: The short course registration deadline is Thursday, March 10.
GeoAmericas 2016