Dam Engineering, Ireland
Sea Platform for the Glinsk Mountain project in County Mayo, Ireland

A new seawater pumped storage plant is set to play a central role in an ambitious energy export scheme known as MAREX. Irish company Organic Power gives more details about the development taking place on Glinsk Mountain in County Mayo.
The project design includes a geomembrane composite system.
From the article:
This is formed from an impermeable PVC geomembrane laminated during manufacturing to a geotextile providing puncture resistance and increased dimensional stability. The geocomposite will be applied to the full face of the vertical walls either in front of (exposed configuration) or behind (covered configuration) the precast panel wall. PVC has excellent material properties and weather resistance characteristics and is commonly used to line pumped storage reservoirs. An asphaltic liner will be used to seal the reservoir floor. The combined sealing system will securely prevent water leaking from the reservoir into the surrounding environment.
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