Dam World 2015
Verifying the integrity of a geomembrane dam liner with arc testing equipment. Geomembranes can significantly extend the service life of a dam.

By Bruno Pedroni and Chris Kelsey – Four years ago, the International Large Commission on Dams (ICOLD) released a bulletin that described 265 large dam structures with geomembranes. Geosynthetics companies and engineers have, since the report’s release, increased their communication with the dam engineering sector to further promote the roles that geosynthetics play in dam construction, operation, and performance. These benefits include:

  • Surface protection
  • Stronger liquid containment
  • Internal erosion control
  • Steeper slopes
  • More economical and sustainable use of materials

Dam World 2015—the 2nd International Dam World Conference—will take place in Lisbon, Portugal 21 – 24 April 2015. Hosted by the Portuguese National Laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC), the event will gather experts from all sides of the field for detailed discussions on geotechnical and hydraulic engineering, hydropower, safety, economics, technology and design trends, and more.
Dam World 2015Among the major topics at the event: Geomembranes and Dams.
Primary themes include tailings dams, embankments, environmental issues, and regulations. Additional topics include seismic analysis, monitoring, foundations, design, and risk assessment.
Multiple short courses will be offered ahead of the conference, a technical site visit will be available, and the event will be supported by an international trade show.
The Dam World 2015 call for papers just closed in October, so information on the full program is not yet available. More information will be available soon at http://dw2015.lnec.pt. Geosynthetica will provide updates too.
Bruno Pedroni is the editor of Geosynthetica.net.br in Brazil. Chris Kelsey is Geosynthetica’s international editor.