Earth Anchors for Exposed Geomembrane Covers - Platipus Anchors
Aerial view of the completed project. Inset photos show the anchor once installed and after placement of the HDPE patch to seal the geomembrane.

Maryland Environmental Service (MES) owns and maintains the Midshore Regional Solid Waste System in a region that serves 140,000 residents on the eastern shore of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay. The 175 acre (708,200m²) Midshore I closed in 2010 after 20 years of successful operation. MES chose to cap the landfill with an Exposed Geomembrane Cover (EGC).
The EGC system, which utilizes Platipus Percussive Driven Earth Anchors (PDEA), was designed to protect the environment and minimize the need for ongoing maintenance. The approach also allows for future use of the landfill.
The site design specified an exposed, 60mm, HDPE geomembrane liner secured by the PDEA system. This anchoring strategy is a cost-effective, easy-to-install alternative to traditional vertical trenching.
The Platipus anchor assembly was manufactured with components to meet the holding capacity and 20-year design life required by Geosyntec Consultants/MES in this highly corrosive environment. The anchor was driven through the liner and into 4 – 5 feet (1.2 – 1.5m) of compacted waste. The pull out resistance was then field tested to meet the engineered wind and landfill gas (LFG) uplift requirements of 1,800 lbs (8kN).
Once the anchor assembly was fully installed and tested, an HDPE patch was placed over to create an impermeable system.
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